We are happy to launch DECaDE innovation brochure 2021.  DECaDE was launched in October 2020 and is a 5-year National Research Centre exploring how emerging data technologies such as Distributed Ledger Technology (aka `Blockchain’) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) could transform our digital economy through decentralised platforms. DECaDE is co-creating exciting research projects with industries and public sector end users in the field of decentralised digital economy, with particular focus on creative economy as well as focused on capability building by co-funding PhD studentships and research fellows. DECaDE Autumn edition brochure focuses on our mission, vision, and our industry engagement strategy.  We are currently engaged in 4 thematic projects which are Decentralised Registry for Content Attribution, Decentralised Trading Floor for Content Attribution and Rights, Future of Work and Content Production, and Identity in the Decentralised Digital Economy as well as one agile project Decentralisation in Supply Chain Management. The brochure outlines our activities on all current projects and research and publication outputs. Read the web version of the brochure or download it here. For more information or to partner with us Get In Touch.