We are excited to announce £4M of UKRI/EPSRC investment (plus over £6M of industrial contribution) to create a brand new UK research centre exploring the potential for decentralised platforms to disrupt the Digital Economy.

In our increasingly Decentralised Digital Economy, everyone has the opportunity to be both a producer and consumer of goods and services. But these dynamic, peer to peer markets are all underpinned by centralised digital platforms. Users rarely have a say in their governance decisions, which often made isolation of the global impacts they have on society.
DECaDE recognises this position and asks what can we do to transform this emerging future economy into one that is fair, that has appropriate governance, and maximises opportunities for everyone to create value. How can decentralised platforms enabled by emerging data-centric technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain transform our future economy – and the way we work, interact and create value.

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