DECaDE is organising a webinar on August 3rd 2022 from 3 PM to 4 PM.

Topic- Web 3.0: Decentralization of Data that brings economic benefit back to data originators.

Summary :

Irene is the CEO of Dataswift, Professor of Marketing and Service Systems at the University of Warwick, Turing Fellow (2019-21) and Senior Member of Wolfson College Cambridge. http://ireneng.com 

A market design economist, Irene will be presenting how the deep tech ecosystem infrastructure of Dataswift is used to redesign data markets on the Internet, by separating the data layer from the service layer through legal data sovereignty.  This then enables any organization to unlock the value of their data by decentralizing their data to their own customers and receiving compensation whenever their customers share the data assets downstream with their chosen partners whenever used by any service application or website. Dataswift’s ecosystem tech enable data mobility and interoperability at scale without legal or technical complexities, fully compliant with global data regulations. The technology is currently in commercial deployment in 3 countries.

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