Workshop: Decentralised platforms for the Creative Sector

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January 25, 14:00 - 17:30 GMT/UK

The Centre for the Decentralised Digital Economy (DECaDE) launched in October 2020, thanks to £4million awarded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and £6million investment from industrial partners. The centre will focus on state-of-the-art AI tools and distributed ledger technologies and investigate how they can be used to drive decentralised innovations in the digital economy.

DECaDE is partnering with the Digital Catapult to run industry-facing workshops, to co-create waves of projects that will run through each phase of the Centre’s five-year duration. The first wave of projects will focus on the creative sector. Future research themes will be supply chain, personal data and identity, and future of work – all focusing on the potential for emerging technologies like AI and decentralised technologies (Blockchain) to transform our digital economy.

We are excited to invite you to the first of these half-day workshops, on 25 January from 2pm UK time.

The goal is leave the workshop with 3-4 high level project ideas and nascent collaborations between industry and members of the DECaDE centre. We would love to work with you to address challenges or create new value and efficiencies within your domain. The focus of this first workshop will on project ideas that innovate with the creative sector.

Event registration is now closed. If you have any questions regarding participation, please reach out via the form at the bottom of this page or directly to John Collomosse at

Research Themes

Centralised platforms are empowered by vast silos of our data. If we can decentralise this data, we can build a new wave of decentralised platforms that empower people, businesses and services to take back agency and governance not just of their data but of this emergent decentralised economy. Our research themes explore the socio-technical challenges in designing and realizing such platforms.

Co-creating value

A major focus of DECaDE is the creative industries – a major UK economic driver. In prior work we showed how a combination of AI and DLT could be used to tamper-proof national archives world-wide. DECaDE pushes that same idea on to fight fake news in journalism, and to create decentralised trading floors for creative content.

Data and Identity

DECaDE explores value creation through data fluidity; data that moves dynamically with granular access control, generating value for its owners. We leverage new models for data provenance, and for commodifying data and products derived from it. We explore the associated issues` of self-sovereign and decentralised identities.

Decentralised Work

The shift in employment norms toward the gig economy challenge definitions of trust, and the value (fairness, worth) of work and as such and the values work represents in future society. DECaDE explores ideas like decentralised work record in a peer to peer economy and future supply chains.