DECaDE: Distributed Ledger Technology
Research Testbed

Testbed Information

DECaDE researchers are exploring technology prototypes via the DLT testbed hosted at the University of Surrey.

Available Chains/Endpoints

Ethereum PoA DLT ('SurreyDLT')
Status: UP
ChainID: 53419
Last Block: 142
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Ethereum PoA DLT
Status: DOWN
Rinkeby EP
Status: DOWN


Public proof of concepts/demonstrations available on the testbed

ARCHANGEL is a digital preservation proof of concept that uses Blockchain to underwrite the integrity of public archives. It was trialled at several national archives in 2019. Read more about the ARCHANGEL project at ARCHANGEL project page.
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Angel Wings
Angel Wings was an extension of the ARCHANGEL infrastructure for journalism, exploring the use of the ARCHANGEL blockchain to track provenance of images on the internet. It featured a webbrowser extension for Chrome that overlaid check (tick) marks on content that had traceable provenance to records immutably stored within the ARCHANGEL Blockchain.
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