Ethereum Faucet: SurreyDLT (53419)

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Quickstart Guide

  1. Install geth

    On Ubuntu, run the following to install the Go Ethereum client

    sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ethereum/ethereum
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install ethereum

    Or if using Mac you may wish to use Homebrew

    brew tap ethereum/ethereum
    brew install ethereum
  2. Configure geth

    Download the genesis block file: surreydlt_genesis.json and copy it to a new folder

    mkdir surreydlt
    cp surreydlt_genesis.json surreydlt

  3. Connect to DLT and sync your local client to the chain

    Type the following at the geth console


    You should see some logging messages re: importing blocks. It may take some time to sync the chain. You can check if syncing is running via


    Eventually you will sync up to the latest block. You can check the latest block number via the testbed status page and compare it to

  4. Create an Ethereum wallet on SurreyDLT (optional)

    You may now create your own account, most easily done via

    Make a note of the wallet address you just created (starting 0x) and use the form below to get some ETH transferred into your new address. You will not be able to alter the state of the blockchain without this.